TSA’s War on Afros Continues

From CBSLocal.com:

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A Dallas woman claims she was humiliated at an airport when TSA agents patted down her hair.

Isis Brantley was headed down an escalator at Hartsfield-Jackson International airport in Atlanta, after she was screened a the initial security checkpoint, when she says two TSA agents came after her asking to check her hair for explosives.

Brantley says the agents began patting down her large afro in public as she waited on a train platform.

She claims she was so embarrassed and couldn’t understand why they checked her again after her initial security screening. Brantley says she couldn’t believe it was happening to her. She says she wouldn’t have minded if the TSA did the hair pat-down at the security checkpoint. It was the public display that upset her.

TSA Hates Limpers

Cynic Sam shares her TSA story:

Just flew from KCI to ORD yesterday. I managed to tear my tendon & meniscus on my right knee, and thus was in a knee brace and on crutches. I can barely walk with the crutches, let alone without the brace. I limped through the metal detector, my brace set it off. They made me remove the brace, and then I hopped/gimped through the detector. The gal operating the metal detector seemed really apologetic and held my hand as I re-applied my brace. Then, another TSA agent came up and said, “If she can’t walk normally through the gate, she needs to be patted down” So, then I had to hop to the pat-down area without my brace, get the enhanced pat down (basically getting my very painful and swollen knee groped repeatedly) and then hobble back to my crutches.

Limpers = Enemies of Freedom.

Cancer Survivor, Gets Soaked By His Own Urine Again By TSA

Fuck Yeah, TSA:

A former bladder cancer patient was soaked in own urine for the second time earlier this month when his urostomy bag was dislodged by a TSA agent.

When the exact same thing happened to Thomas Sawyer in November, a large outcry on the internet forced TSA administrator John Pistole to issue a personal apology.

Sawyer said he warned agents to be careful of his urostomy bag while at the Detroit Metro Airport en route to Orlando on July 14th, and that both of them handled him roughly. According to the Detroit Free Press, during the latest incident, Sawyer was not asked if he would like to be patted down privately.

Sawyer told the paper that following last year’s incident, “I thought that I had really made a difference for people flying with urostomies, I really did. I’m angry this time. They can’t be training them properly.”

TSA Agent Caught With Passenger’s iPad in His Pants; Allegedly Took $50,000 in Other Goods

From BrowardPalmBeach.com:

While most Transportation Security Administration employees are busy groping people or taking naked pictures of them, the cops say one of those employees was putting fliers’ electronics down his pants.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office says 30-year-old Nelson Santiago stole around $50,000 worth of electronics over the past six months from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport’s Terminal 1.

Santiago — a TSA officer since 2009 — was caught earlier this week by a Continental Airlines employee taking an iPad out of someone’s luggage and stuffing it into his pants, the cops say.

TSA Warns of Implant Bombers

From Mercurynews:

The latest threat to America’s skies — explosive surgical implants that authorities have dubbed “belly bombs” — poses a security challenge so bizarre that air travelers learning of the new danger Wednesday could only scratch their heads and wonder what’s next.

If those fliers had collagen injections or dental implants, what’s next may mean having their heads examined. Literally.

The Transportation Security Administration advised airlines that terror groups are believed to be experimenting with explosives that could be implanted in buttocks and breasts, allowing suicide bombers to pass through airport body scanners undetected. This raised the specter of a surgically altered world in which it must be asked:
Bay Area Air Travel

If Pamela Anderson has to undergo an MRI to get on an airplane, have the terrorists won?

Because airport body scans don’t show the blood and bones beneath the skin, this new threat is at once so sophisticated and medieval that security officials may resort to trace detection swabs to detect bombs under the skin — a procedure rarely used in this country.

“It’s already so difficult with all the screening devices, maybe they should just spray everybody with those swabs,” said Marilu Nieto, who brought her grandson to Mineta San Jose International Airport on Wednesday. “That’s what it’s coming to. Just hose them all down.”

TSA Has 95 Year Old Leukemia Patient Remove Her Adult Diaper

TSA is still terrorizing passengers for the crime of daring to fly:

A woman has filed a complaint with federal authorities over how her elderly mother was treated at Northwest Florida Regional Airport last weekend.

Jean Weber of Destin filed a complaint with the Department of Homeland Security after her 95-year-old mother was detained and extensively searched last Saturday while trying to board a plane to fly to Michigan to be with family members during the final stages of her battle with leukemia.

Her mother, who was in a wheelchair, was asked to remove an adult diaper in order to complete a pat-down search.

“It’s something I couldn’t imagine happening on American soil,” Weber said Friday. “Here is my mother, 95 years old, 105 pounds, barely able to stand, and then this.”

Sari Koshetz, a spokeswoman for the Transportation Security Administration in Miami, said she could not comment on specific cases to protect the privacy of those involved.

“The TSA works with passengers to resolve any security alarms in a respectful and sensitive manner,” she said.

Weber’s mother entered the airport’s security checkpoint in a wheelchair because she was not stable enough to walk through, Weber said.