Question of the Day

What’s your computer’s wallpaper look like?

Updated 6:45pm(Thanks to everybody who sent one in. I’m headed out so I won’t be posting any new ones but if you want to leave a link to your screenshot in the comments, feel free.)

Here’s mine at the moment.
(click to embiggen) It changes every 10 minutes to a new photo from my album.

Update: And here they come. Click them to biggify. I’ll update this as they come in.

From Martyn:

From Charley:

From Inti: “Lots of shit, I know…”:

From Danno: “Here’s my wallpaper. It’s Charger defensive end Luis Castillo handing former Raider quarterback Aaron Brooks his shoe back after trying harm him. I’m a huge golf fan.”

From Ryan: “I thought this was a fun idea, and I love my wallpaper image. It’s perfect for a gray March day. I thought I’d share it.”

From Kebernet:

From Abbi: “Having Tina Fey on my desktop is the closest I will come to having an Oprah Vision Board. ”

From Paula:

From RJ:

From Paul: “It’s wallpaper. How appropriate.
It’s a pic of a room in an attic from a place I use to live. Apparently this was the servant quarters a long time ago. They got tired of trying to remove the wall paper and quit.”

From Geoff: “From National Geographic Picture of the Day”

From Josh: “Here’s a shot of my desktop’s wallpaper. I think it’s awesome. I got it from; they have some really fantastic artwork there if you’re interested in some cool desktop wallpapers.”

From Terry: “I’m pretty disorganized at work, so this work computer desktop setup was one way to battle that.”

From Kelly: “This is the view overlooking Muir Beach, taken Dec. 26, 2010.”

From Drea: “This wallpaper has been a little touch of creepy/awesome sunshine for several months now.”

From Eoghan: “I was going to clean up the desktop before I took the screenshot, but I decided instead to let everyone see my mess.”

From April: “Oh, so I’m supposed to mail it? Gotcha.”

From Enrique: “Grayscaled, slightly blurred selections from my travels (it helps icons and windows stand out), they change every 5 minutes.”

From Sean: “Here is my screenshot from my office computer.”

From Josh: “Remote intersection in Scotland.”

From Harb: “Mine also changes continually”

From Andrew:

From Niclas: “wallpaper is really my first ever doodle’s with a wacom tablet. ”

From MacCrocodile: “This has been my desktop wallpaper off and on for years. Carol Channing in Thoroughly Modern Millie.”

From Reverend Bob: “Crap! Did I screw that up?”

From Sebastien: “Shamelessy harvested from this Dresden Codak cartoon:”

From Charlie: “I have a two monitor setup, the left one is vertical so the capture looks weird. I had to paste them together in Photoshop and screwed it up. But you’ll get the idea.”

From Jason: “She is a cutie eh?”

From Mike K:

From Nicholas: “Abandoned funfair, the city of Pripyat, near Chernobyl”

From Miek: “I kid you not – my desktop is completely blank, dark, dark green and NO icons. Everything I need is accessible with the start menu. this is a computer, not some vain attempt to convey my profound awesomeness. :

From Brian: “Here’s mine. Willie playing Trigger.”

From Gene: “Great idea! Here’s mine – It’s a dual monitor setup. The left side is my daughter and I at a race a few years ago. (I perv-blocked my daughter’s face – she’s not actually a blockhead). That side hasn’t changed in years. The right side changes every morning. I built a perl script that grabs a random image from a folder of cool pics I’ve collected and resizes it to fit the monitor. It puts the name of the file in yellow letters at the top of the image (it’s a little hard to see here).”

From Community-Emma:

From Nick: “I prefer a bare desktop, but sometime a few icons are necessary.”

From Rebekah: “I like to look at something pretty in between reading about politics…a palate cleanser for the eyeballs.”

From Dee:

From Robert: “I’ve had this for a couple of days, and I expect it will keep me amused for another couple of days.”

From Athena: “My work computer”

From Christopher: “I have mine rotating every hour, but this is what it is at the moment.”

From Minnesotastan: “An American Lady butterfly I raised last summer.”

From Gruggach:

From Christine: “Here’s mine! Dual monitors. The flowers are from our backyard last summer!”

From Mark: “A Google Street View of my house taken maybe the second week of November ’09?”

From Radmila:

Question of the Day

The following clip from an episode from 1994 of The Today Show where Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric are trying to make sense of this thing called “the internet” has been making the rounds. Here it is if you haven’t seen it.

So when did you first start using this internet thing?

I think I first got online in 1994 by using Compuserve. Oh, those were the days. Zipping around Webcrawler on a speedy 14.4 Kb/s modem on my new 90 Mhz Pentium running Windows 3.11 for Workgroups.