Jesus is in a Sonogram

We haven’t done one of these in a long time. Thanks to Fred for sending this in. Expectant parents look into a sonogram and inadvertently learn about pareidolia.

CHAMBERSBURG, FRANKLIN CO. Pa– An expecting Franklin County couple saw an unexpected image in their baby’s sonogram. They say the clear image of a man watching over their daughter is offering them a sense of relief.

Mother, Alicia Zeek’s reacted to the image with confusion, “When they gave it to us… Umm, to me, it’s Jesus. And it looks like Jesus.”

Father, Zac Smith also confused by what he was seeing, “this is distinct– I mean, there’s another face looking at my daughter!”

Jesus is on an Oven Door


Naturally. You didn’t think he was just going to show up at a children’s cancer ward and help did you?

An oven is usually used for cooking dishes and baking cakes and pastries. But in the central European country of Slovakia, however, one such common kitchen equipment stunned villagers when it reflected an image of Jesus Christ

According to a report from The Daily Mail, the image of Jesus supposedly appeared on the door of an oven in a house in the remote Slovakian village of Batizovce.

The owner of the oven, who was not named in the report, shared that she was just casually baking one day when she spotted what she perceived to be the face of Jesus imprinted on the glass part of the oven’s door.

“‘I wanted to cook so I put the pot in the stove, but my eyes kept being drawn down to the door. Something was slowly appearing there. So I sat and watched and suddenly the picture of Jesus appeared,” the woman said, as quoted by the British newspaper.

Jesus is in a Molar


Getting dental X-rays turned out to be a religious experience for a woman in Flagstaff, Arizona.

When Kym Ackerman, 32, went in for her regular dental check-up on March 25, the hygienist didn’t find any cavities, but they did see something else: The image of Jesus in one her left-side molars.

“At my dentist, the computer shows the X-rays as soon as they are taken,” Ackerman told The Huffington Post. “I said to the hygienist, ‘That looks crazy! Do you see I what I see?”

I love the dentist’s reaction:

The dentist wasn’t as impressed.

“He was very serious,” Ackerman said. “He looked at it, said, ‘Oh yeah, I see it,’ and started looking at my teeth,” she said. “He wasn’t as excited as we were.”

Jesus Appears in South American Landslide


An image of Jesus is believed by worshippers to have appeared following a landslide.

The apparition is attracting hundreds of visitors to the San Francisco area of Putumayo, Colombia, since Saturday.

And some local landowners are cashing in on the ‘miracle’ – by charging visitors for access to view the figure, it has been reported.

A police presence has also been necessary to manage the crowds.

“If you believe in Jesus you will see your image ,” Ximena Rosero Arango, one of the many people who have come to the site to photograph the mountain told

And for more cameos of the world’s most popular zombie, clickez-ici.

Where’s Jesus?

Jesus is on a doggy door in Yucaipa California.

Jesus is on a tree in Milwaukee.

Jesus is on a tree in Sussex.

Jesus is on a Samsung Flash memory chip.

Jesus is in a cloud over Mt. Sinai.

Jesus is atop mobile phone mast.

Jesus is on a Romanian wardrobe.

Jesus is on a dog’s ass.

Jesus is on a dental x-ray.

Jesus is on a piece of sheet metal.

Jesus is on a tree in California.

Jesus is on a tree in Florida.

Jesus is on a tree in New York.

Jesus is on a tree branch in Bosnia.

Jesus is on a tree in Memphis. (Elvis didn’t do no drugs!)

Jesus is on a pancake in Ohio.

Jesus is on Google Maps.

Jesus is on a mug stained with hot chocolate.

Jesus is on a shrimp tail.

Jesus is in a nacho pan.

Jesus is on a fish bone.

Jesus is on a water-stained piece of plaster in a bathroom.

Jesus is on a cracked window in Texas.

Jesus is on a cement floor.

Jesus is on a car windscreen.

Jesus is on a kitchen cabinet in Manchester.

Jesus is in a bowl of manicotti.

Jesus is on a Sydney train platform.

Jesus is on a fish stick.

Jesus is in an ashtray.

Jesus is on an XBox 360.

Jesus is on somebody’s head.

Jesus is on a fence in California.

Jesus is on an Easter egg.

Jesus is in an ultrasound.

Jesus is in a potato.

Jesus is in a tree stump.

Jesus is in the door.

Jesus is in an altar cloth.

Jesus is a Cheeto.

Jesus is a water stain on a window.

Jesus is on a spoon.

Jesus is a water mark on a hospital ceiling.

Jesus is in a slab of granite.

Jesus is in another ultrasound.

Jesus is in Spumoni.

Jesus is on a utility pole.

Jesus is another Cheeto.

Jesus is in cat fur.

Jesus is in a rusty sink.

Jesus is on a moth.

Jesus is on a weight loss center’s ceiling.

Jesus is in the drywall.

Jesus is in sea shells by the seashore.

Jesus is in a cloud.

Jesus is in a chocolate cookie.

Jesus is on a guitar.

Jesus is on a pita bread.

Jesus is on a floor tile.

Jesus is on a door in a car dealership.

Jesus is on a potato chip.

Jesus is in a rock on the side of a road in Alabama.

Jesus is on a church wall.

Jesus is on a broken meteroite.

Jesus is on a leaf.

Jesus is on a guitar.

Jesus is on a cheese toast.

Jesus is on an armchair.

Jesus is in a swimming pool.

Jesus is on a Greensboro sidewalk.

Jesus is on a kitchen cabinet in Wichita Falls.

Jesus is in Marmite. (Yeah, I didn’t know what Marmite was either)

Jesus is in a stained coffee mug.

Jesus is in a baking tray.

Jesus is in a rock.

Jesus is on a toilet seat.

Jesus is on Mars.

Jesus is on a factory wall in the Ukraine.

Jesus is in curtains.

Jesus is on a car window.

Jesus is on an iron.

Jesus is in a dog’s ear.

Jesus is in a bird shit stain.

Jesus is on a cross.