Ted Cruz Likes Porn on Twitter

From Newsweek:

The excuses are almost inevitable, and predictable: The account was hacked, possibly by those pesky Russians. Or some rogue intern got hold of the social media, a secret Democrat intent on sabotage. Whatever the case, it is all but certain that Ted Cruz, the conservative Republican who serves as the junior Senator from Texas, will deny having “liked” a pornographic clip on Twitter.

The facts are as follows: On Monday evening, the account belonging to Cruz “liked” a video clip posted by @SexuallPosts, an account whose sole purpose is disseminating pornographic videos. That clip, 2 minutes and 20 seconds in length, has a woman walking into what appears to be her house. There, she discovers a couple having sexual intercourse. She proceeds to watch them, to her own evident pleasure.

The Cruz account retracted the “like” as soon as it began to attract the attention of Twitter users. By then, of course, it was too late.

And Twitter is having fun:

Trip to a Cat Cafe

A visit to a Japanese cat house (Literally):

This is the first floor. You enter the cat cafe, take off your shoes and put on slippers, then you get your time slip that records when you entered the cafe and whether you asked for any of the hourly package plans (you can get a special deal for 1 or 2 hour blocks). Then, you proceed to the handwash area (so you don’t give your germs to kitty).

Right next to the handwash room are all the private rooms. If you choose to pay for a private room you get to choose your room/cat and you have them all to yourself for as long as you are in the room. Not sure if all that includes a guarantee that the cat will be playful/awake or not…

Anyway, I didn’t elect for a private session so let’s go upstairs toward the play room.

Human Skin Clothing

How very Ilse Kochish:

Conceived by French designer Olivier Goulet, these curiously familiar clothing items and accessories first attract by their unique look & feel, then repulse when their calculated resemblance to human skin is noted, then attract once again when it is realized that they are indeed crafted from synthetic materials.

By that time, however, the desired effect: a shock to the system, has been achieved. As for the wearer, testimonials posted at the SkinBag home page speak of that exquisite feeling known in French as “frisson”, which can be defined as “a sudden sensation of excitement; a shudder of emotion; a thrill.” It seems that those who put on SkinBag clothing and accessories truly feel as if they were wearing a second skin!

Goats on a Roof

Door County Wisconsin is a major summer tourist destination, especially for Chicago area people looking for a respite from the summer heat. Can’t really say it’s “eco-tourism: but:- “At Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant, the roof is covered with grass. All summer long the goats have a ball up there grazing away wondering why people are staring up at them! Quite a few people were stopping to photograph and watch the goats. The goats just sit up and there and graze nonchalantly!”

(via Monkeyfilter)

Strangest Freight

A question from a professional pilot’s BB about what was the strangest freight they have had in their cargo hold. Patrick submitted this to me and grabbed some of the highlights:

Sly Stallone’s Ferrari to the Sultan of Brunei
Gonorrhoea samples to DXB
a frozen indonesian fisherman (also dead of course).
HOOKERS OUT OF L.A. to St. Maarten Six in a Learjet Six in Six out What a life
Six whores (and a load of booze) to a mining camp in the middle of absolutely nowhere in lousy rainy weather
a flea circus for the Prince Nmbulu
Human genitals
Strange, lead lined, canisters into a grass strip in Holland, A BMW would turn up, swap the canisters over, then drive off.
A Dog with a Wedding Dress on

(Thanks Patrick)