Teacher Suspended After Wearing Blackface and Rapping on Halloween in Class

I just can’t fathom how anybody would think that this would end well:

A high school teacher has been placed on administrative leave in California after he wore blackface to school on Halloween, according to the Milpitas Unified School District.

A video posted on social media shows the teacher with his face painted black and dressed up in an apparent attempt to imitate the rapper Common.

If You Support Trump, You’re a Racist

And I don’t want to hear, “Oh, you that’s only a few of his most rabid supporters” because here you have the racist in chief who started this rallying cry with his tweets and then basks in the distilled hate coming from his cult. And the worst part about this is knowing that he is just getting started.

And as if that wasn’t enough:

Steve King removed from committee assignments following racist comments

He never should have been re-elected but, alas:

(CNN)Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa has been stripped of committee assignments following racist comments he made to The New York Times in a report published last week, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced Monday.

McCarthy announced that the House Republican Steering Committee — which oversees committee assignments — met Monday night and made a decision that King “will not be serving on committees in this Congress.”
Earlier Monday, a pair of the Senate’s most high-profile Republicans on Monday sharply condemned King, the highest ranking GOP officials to publicly rebuke King after comments he made to The New York Times that were sympathetic to white supremacists.

The criticism from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Utah freshman Sen. Mitt Romney, comes as the House plans to vote as soon as Tuesday on a resolution to disapprove of the actions of King, who has a history of making incendiary comments related to race and immigration.

School Considers Legal Action After Dozens of Students Appear to Give Nazi Salute in Prom Photo

A Wisconsin school district is considering what consequences students should face after an alarming photograph surfaced, supposedly of the male students of the class of 2019. The image, tweeted from an account that has since been made private, allegedly shows dozens of Baraboo High School students at their junior prom giving the Nazi salute.

A screenshot was shared by Twitter user @CarlySidey, with details later posted by VICE contributor Jules Suzdaltsev. The account that originally posted the image, @GoBaraboo, is now listed as “protected,” meaning only permitted users are allowed to see its posts.

The Barbaroo School District has yet to issue a response, but their official Twitter account retweeted a message from School District Administrator Lori Mueller that addressed the issue, and it appears that they are taking the matter very seriously, even considering legal action, should it be deemed appropriate.

I’m sure this is just an unfortunate misunderst…

WTF is going on? I mean besides Donald Trump empowering these fucktards to think this is remotely ok?

When the Bar for Decency is So Low You Can Accidentally Trip Over It

One of the clips that is being used around the internet and twitter to illustrate what an honest guy McCain was is this clip from the 2008 campaign when some racist white woman says Obama can’t be trusted because he’s an Arab:

And good for John McCain to immediately shut her down (we’ll ignore for the moment that his clumsy response implies that you’re either an Arab or a decent person), but it’s just sad that we have to take a moment when a politician stops one of his supporters from smearing his opponent with an egregious lie and herald this as a shining moment of honor.

Racist Missionary Arrested in Uganda for Assaulting a Hotel Employee

I have a low regard for missionaries already. Going to other countries to tell them that their religion is wrong (and to threaten them with an eternity in hell if they don’t follow Jesus) disgusts me to my core. But this guy really takes the cake. I’m just surprised he didn’t have a red hat with MAGA in white type:

A U.S. man claiming to be a missionary and Marine veteran was arrested and accused of assaulting a hotel staff member in Uganda after he hurled racist slurs at workers and threatened to kill one man.

“Kampala Police has arrested an American citizen for allegedly assaulting a Grand Imperial Hotel Staff,” the Kampala Metropolitan Police reported on its Facebook page.

Police said footage from security television cameras showed “a foreigner, identified later as Mr. Jimmy L.Taylor punching and humiliating a hotel employee.”

Video footage of the incident posted by multiple people went viral, spurring widespread condemnation of the man’s actions and language. According to at least one news report, Taylor is an Arizona resident.

Keep Recording

Let’s not kid ourselves. These recent acts that are being caught on camera of white people calling the police or generally harassing people of color have always happened. It’s just that everybody has access to a video camera in an instant and social media.

I love the man who isn’t having anything of this pedantic racist’s shit and buys all of the candy.

And then we have these asshats:

When I first started watching the video I was so angry at the racist who is attacking an American citizen for wearing a Puerto Rican flag. (Would he be upset with someone wearing a Texas flag?) But then my anger was redirected to the cop who did absolutely nothing in helping the woman who was begging for his assistance. He even turns his back at one point.