Keiko’s Homepage

Radmila takes all the fun out of Keiko’s homepage by pointing out that this is most likely some sort of scam where you end up walletless or organless.

Hello my name is Keiko and I live in Tokyo in Japan. I have a nice apartment in Ochanomizu and you are welcome to stay with me if you are UNDER 35 and YOU ARE NICE LOOKING and YOU ARE WHITE. You can save your hotel cost (a lot in Tokyo!) and we can have fun! – but ONLY if you are a white guy. I do not want asian men, sorry.

What do I get??

I can have some fun sex with Europen, and American guys… what I love – they are very sexy and yummy! – Japanese men are pigs. Also, I want to practise my English with you, please.

Tattooed Teacher

From CityRag:

Bruce Potts is a teacher of Public Speaking at the University of New Mexico and has a full tribal face tattoo. He has a straight forward attitude and imparts a cool vibe of acceptance. We’ll bet his students get an extra edge on using demeanor and attitude in public speaking. And a life long lesson on not judging books by their covers. Either that or they study really hard because they’re afraid he’ll eat them.

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College Student Graduates in One Year

I could have done this if I wanted to…..and if I wasn’t an idiot

With college tuition rising to record levels across the country, one University of Virginia student figured out a way to save himself from the crush of student-loan debt.

The solution? He finished college in just one year.

David Banh, of Annandale, is the first person ever to complete UVa’s traditional four-year bachelor’s program in a single year.

“I was impressed … I would say amazed,” said Donald Ramirez, vice chairman of the mathematics department.

Banh, who turns 19 later this month, graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in Alexandria in 2005. A year and a summer later, he was a UVa alumnus.

Thanks to a mountain of advanced placement credits, Banh was already ahead of the game.

“I flirted with the idea back in high school, and thought I could finish college in a year and a half, in three semesters,” Banh said. “But after my first semester [at UVa], I realized I had all this extra time, and that if I stayed for a second year I didn’t have a way to pay for it without taking out loans.”

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The Mushroom House


The Mushroom House, located in Whistler, Canada was first devised in the late 1970s. Zube, the artist/creator, has spent 22 years developing, creating and re-creating this haven and work of art.

The Mushroom House is now fully grown. We invite you in, to explore and to enjoy. Take your time.

The interior design is based on the anatomy of a tree. All aspects of the décor reflect this motif, from the womblike hues of the Jacuzzi room in the ‘roots’ to the vivid leaf greens on the walls in the ‘canopy’.

(via Ursi’s Blog, again. In fact, just go to Ursi’s Blog, she has some great links.)

Teacher won’t shave until bin Laden caught


Bush’s failures now appearing in the form of facial hair.

EPHRATA, Washington (AP) — After the September 11 terrorist attacks, Gary Weddle followed the news so closely he forgot to shave. After a week he decided not to shave until Osama bin Laden was caught or killed.

Nor has Weddle, 46, who expected the al Qaeda leader to be caught within a month or so, trimmed his facial hair in the succeeding five years as he went from substitute teacher to science instructor at Ephrata Middle School.

At the start of each school year he gives students a brief explanation of his beard, which stretches more than a foot and has started turning gray.