LEGO Turing Machine

I chose to implement in Lego a slightly different version of the original Turing machine. Instead of having a bi directional tape, it uses a stack. When the symbol beneath the stack is read (and removed), the machine changes “states” and can add zero, one or two symbols on top of the stack.

This variation is maybe very different yet it is possible to show that this simple machine has the same capabilities than a Turing machine. Among other things, it can emulate a Turing machine placed on the stack.

Hacking John McCain

Looks like whoever designed John McCain’s myspace page was hotlinking.

If you visit John McCain’s MySpace page (as of 9am PST Tuesday morning), you will notice an interesting announcement from him. He’s apparently reversed his position on gay marriage as well as revealed a bias towards attractive lesbians.

Why would a presidential candidate make such an important announcement on his MySpace page?

The answer? He wouldn’t.

But I would.

You see, John McCain’s people commandeered my world-renowned MySpace design template and did a few things wrong:

(via Found on the Web)


I love this report from the ABC News blog describing the “hack”:

ABC News’ Jennifer Parker Reports: In what is perhaps a new weapon in campaign digital media warfare, the MySpace page of presidential candidate Senator John McCain, R-Ariz., was hacked Tuesday.

“All I can say right now is that we’re investigating,” said Matt David, a spokesperson for McCain’s 2008 White House bid.

According to the webblog TechCrunch, which tracks new Internet products and sites, McCain’s MySpace page profile included a pranked letter on Tuesday morning that read: “Dear Supporters, Today I announce that I have reversed my position and come out in full support of gay marriage … particularly marriage between two passionate females.”

News of the hack spread across digital media sites today such as Newsvine, TechCrunch and TechPresident….

…”I’m not surprised by this at all,” said Andrew Rasiej, cofounder of TechPresident, a web site that tracks how the ’08 candidates are using new media and the Internet.

“This just goes to show that the Internet is an entirely new battlefield for many of these candidates and they are going to have to develop sophisticated new responses to deal with them,” said Rasiej.

Like one sophisticated new response could be not stealing other people’s bandwidth by hotlinking to their images.

Beating Randi’s Million Dollar Challenge

Not through psychic means however:

Those who know me may be surprised to read this, but I’m pleased to announce that Jutta Degener and I have successfully visualized the contents of Randi’s challenge box. We accomplished this from over a thousand miles away and entirely through mental concentration and the application of our unique talents (or, I should say, gifts), and without any physical access or inside information. We can now reveal to the world the item in the box: a small mirrored flat circular wheel or disk, such as a DVD or CD. Randi, if you’re reading this, a money order or certified check will be fine.

As you ponder the cosmic ramifications of the awesome, terrible powers that we apparently possess (we’ll use them only for good, I promise), let me explain a bit more about the remote viewing challenge and how we accomplished this unprecedented paranormal feat.

(Thanks Brian)