Question of the Way

Who else has decided to cut back on their news/social media diet?

I blame Trump really. The Trump years really just pushed me to the limit on my news intake. That moron really can’t breathe without doing something stupid enough for us all to collectively gape and rush to Twitter or CNN to catch other’s reactions. I just can’t anymore. I’ve basically cut off 90% of my news consumption and social media. I check out headlines, have a few magazine subscriptions (The New Yorker, The Economist), and still visit some blogs. If something big happens, I may tune in CNN to get the story, but when they cut to the talking heads for opinions, I shut it off. They rarely add anything of value. I just don’t want to be a part of the outrage machine anymore. It’s exhausting.

Same with Twitter. I still have twitter and peek on every so often (meaning maybe two or three times a week) and every time I do I regret it. And surprisingly, it’s the people I follow, my people… the liberals, who annoy me. If I wanted to hear what drivel Tucker Carlson was spewing, or Marjorie Green Whatever had to say, I would follow them. But their word salads make me want to heave so I do not. But I still hear everything they say because fellow liberals just can’t help themselves amplifying everything. And, why yes, I have been guilty of this in the past. Take a tiptoe through the archives and you’ll find plenty of examples. Ugh. But I can’t anymore.

But since going on this media diet, I feel so much better. My fists aren’t perpetually clenched. It’s so liberating.