Hundreds of QAnon Fans Are Going to Texas to See JFK Return.

I’m sure when he doesn’t show up, the QAnoners will say “We have made a terrible mistake putting our faith and hope in a conspiratorial delusion and we apologize to our friends, family, and neighbors who we may have put out with our embarrassing behavior. We will work harder in the future to stop the spread of hurtful and dangerous lies.” Right?

Hundreds of QAnon supporters are currently traveling from all across the U.S. to Dallas, where they expect to see John F. Kennedy suddenly reappear on Tuesday night and ordain former President Donald Trump as the “king of kings.”

Some QAnon followers were so eager to secure their place for the return of JFK that on Monday night hundreds of them gathered in Dealey Plaza, where Kennedy was shot in 1963, waiting for the latest QAnon conspiracy theory to come true.

QAnon influencers are promoting several different versions of the conspiracy theory, and of what will supposedly happen Tuesday night.

According to Whiplash347, an account with almost 250,000 followers, Trump will be reinstated as the 18th president of the United States, because everything since 1871 (the date the Sovereign Citizen movement claims the U.S. became a corporation) is “illegal.”