The Herman Cain Award Subreddit

The Herman Cain Award (always awarded posthumously) is a subreddit that has hundreds of posts of anti-vaxxers who have since either ended up in the ICU with covid, or died. These posts are almost all the same; an anti-vaxxer posting social media memes (most appear to be from facebook or twitter) about some conspiracy regarding the vaccine or masks:

They usually hate Dr. Fauci. But really hate Democrats:

Then after spreading enough misinformation to make Zuckerberg crack a slight smirk, disaster:

Suddenly, they want medical attention from the same community that they have been posting conspiracy theories about for the past few months. And prayers. PRAYER WARRIORS TO THE FRONT!

And then, after fighting so hard against masks, the vaccine, social distancing, literally fighting against every safeguard that we have developed to try to prevent the spread of this damn disease, the inevitable happens:

There are hundreds of these types of posts on this subreddit.

I’ve only been to this subreddit a few times. It just makes me so angry how foolish and selfish these people are/were. And their inaction to take the damn vaccine, or to spread misinformation across the internet is actually making this pandemic so much worse for the rest of us. I don’t have any sympathy left for these assholes. They wanted to make their choice, and now they have to live or die with it while the rest of us hope that a more deadly or contagious strain doesn’t come out of their willful ignorance.

I’m totally feeling this McSweeney’s headline today: Oh My Fucking God, Get the Fucking Vaccine Already, You Fucking Fucks