Dragon Blood Trees and Satan’s Promotion: What I Learned Today – Friday, June 18th

Lisbon is the latest city to go back into lockdown because of the new variant of Covid-19.  It’s not over yet folks. Get vaccinated!:

What is taking so long though????

Juneteenth is now a federal holiday. But there is some confusion as to when it actually starts?

The MyPillow guy runs away from an interview on the Daily Show:

A brief history of Satan:

Satan, the beast crunching sinners’ bones. Lucifer, the fallen angel. Mephistopheles, the trickster striking deals. These three divergent devils are all based on Satan of the Old Testament. But unlike any of these literary devils, the Satan of the Bible was a relatively minor character. So how did he become the ultimate antagonist, with so many different forms? Brian A. Pavlac investigates.

These photos of dragon blood trees are phenomenal. And I had never even heard of a dragon blood tree until today:

Kordan’s photographs, which are shot at dawn, golden hour, and under a star-illuminated sky, frame this unique growth pattern that leaves the trees’ gnarled wood underbelly exposed. Combined with the deep red sap that seeps from its trunk, this otherworldly feature ties the species to local lore. “According to legend, the first dragon blood tree was created from the blood of a dragon who was wounded in a battle with an elephant,” the photographer says.