Question of the Day (Vaccine Edition)

On February 12th, I asked how people were going with their vaccinations. And criticized my own state of Massachusetts for being so damn slow. Some good news here at least. They moved to the next group (65+) and all of my relatives now who were eligible have had their first shot. Here is where we currently stand with the phases.

It basically took about a week from the announcement that the 2nd group was eligible to when my family and friends were able to actually get an appointment. I thought it would be longer for them to get an appointment. This is good news and I hope that we can move on to the next group soon.

I’m in phase 49 I believe. I think I need to wait for restaurant workers, grocery workers, educational employees, feral cats, barnyard animals, etc. But even being far back on the priority list, I’m a bit encouraged from the improvements I’ve seen in the last two weeks.

How is everybody else doing now?