It’s Been Four Long Years But We Can Exhale Now

He’s gone. He came into the White House as a terrible joke and is leaving as  the most vile, corrupt, ignorant, dishonest, impeached, lazy, incompetent pile of rotting remains of human flesh stuffed into an ill-fitted suit propped behind the resolute desk. After documenting as many of his travesties as I could stomach here on this blog over the last four years, I won’t rehash any now. But I will express my overwhelming sense of relief that I won’t have to wake up to any tweets or news alerts of him pressing his vileness onto the nation every single day. His narcissism was so toxic and his constant need for attention was suffocating.

Is he gone forever?  Nah, evil never dies. But he fucked himself over with his failed insurrection. The social media companies got spooked and dropped him like a moldy rotten wormy potato. Twitter was his weapon of choice and without access to that, he can’t channel his inner poisonous monologue. He’ll attempt other ways to make himself heard but without the amplification of the Oval Office, he’ll be much easier to be tuned out. As for Trumpism, I don’t think it will be as easily stamped out. The Republican party took a hard right at the Tea Party and has been devolving ever since. But that’s a worry for tomorrow.  Today, we breathe.