What I Learned Today – Monday, January 4

2021 officially starts today.  Oh, sure, we’re four days in. But, come on. You cannot really start a year on a weekend. I’m “back at work”, so working from home still for the foreseeable future. At the rate the vaccinations are going, I expect to get mine sometime in 2024.

I hope everybody had a safe and socially distanced holiday.  Judging from the pictures I have seen on social media, we are going to be in for a rough few weeks with infection rates and hospitalizations.

Our criminal president is spending his last few days in office trying to fit in as many crimes as possible. A tape leaked of a phone call with him trying to threaten the GA Secretary of State into “finding” enough votes for him to win the election:


I really wish Dems would start another impeachment against him. It’s so obvious that he is going to spend the next 17 days in office trying to steal the election (Jan 6th won’t be the end of it) and even though he has zero chance of succeeding, he still can cause problems and stir up unrest.  Put him on the defensive at least to throw him off his game.

How is Brexit going?

How are things with Covid?

Keith Richards talks to a horse:

There’s a neighborhood in California next to an airport where people park their planes in their garages and driveways: