2020 Election Thread

10:01PM: Gonna end this thread.  I need a break!  This is stressful.  Follow me on twitter for more updates if I’m up to it.

10:00PM: Well, this sucks:

9:35PM: More good news:

9:29PM: The first real good news of the night:


9:09PM: More states have been called (Guardian has Biden up 119 – 92) but still no surprises.  Still waiting to hear about the battleground states.   And everything still seems terrible.

8:36PM: We have our first QAnon member of Congress:

8:10PM: So a little past an hour in and so far there aren’t any surprises.  Florida is a tossup still at the moment but that isn’t a surprise.

8:06PM: Switched to Irish coffee so I could be alert but numb. The results are all over the place depending on what news you’re watching. The Guardian currently has Biden up 85 electoral votes to 55.

7:50PM Not surprising but still disappointing:

7:42PM: NY Times calls Virginia for Biden.


7:08PM: NY Times has Kentucky for Trump and Vermont for Biden.

7PM: CNN calls Indiana for Trump.  Not very surprising.

6:17PM: Marco Rubio predicts…. a blue wave?

6:04PM: I’ll be updating this thread throughout the night.  I have stayed away from the news for most of the day since there’s really not much to digest until the polls start closing.  But here we go.  Sober at the moment.  Not in the mood to drink….yet.