What I Learned Today – Thursday, October 29

Just a few quick ones today.

Yeah, what Jared and Kayleigh say here are terrible, but what really annoys me about this clip is the shock that Woodward tries to conjure up about Trump actually thinking something so horrible. I mean, Woodward literally wrote a book full of the awfulness that is Trump two years ago and he still acts like he just met the man a few weeks ago? The media has been doing this all along.  Trump says or does the worst thing imaginable, the media is shocked that he would say/do something this terrible, and then the cycle repeats the very next day.

This is a must read article discussing how Covid is spread in different situations using different measures (ie masks, ventilation) with some amazing visualizations.

Jon Ossoff murdered a guy on the teevee last night.

Sigh, Florida…..