Fork Calligraphy and Frozen Trump Supporters – What I Learned Today – Wednesday, October 28

A baseball player finds out that he has tested positive in the middle of a game and is moved away from the other players for a few innings before the team wins and Mr. Covid then decides he’s going to celebrate with the rest of the team despite carrying a terribly contagious disease. He tweeted that he feels fine though!!!!  So nothing to worry about.  It’s not as if asymptomatic carriers are the biggest spreaders or anything.

We have had half a million new cases of Covid this past week alone:

And it’s spiking elsewhere in the world. This is just terrible.

And the White House has declared one of their accomplishments was ending Covid-19:


Trump supporters left out in the cold (literally) when a Trump rally fails to have enough buses to bring supporters back to their cars after Trump left. People had to walk several miles to their cars in the cold while others were taken to the hospital.

And Trump seems to be perfectly fine with people who attempt to kidnap a governor:

Fork calligraphy!

The Skeleton Dance in 4K:

Tenacious D does the Time Warp: