Debates and Haunted Book Nooks, What I Learned Today – Thursday, October 22

I’ve been a little busy with work projects but mostly have just been tuning out news for the last week or two. And it has been AMAZING. Now that we have under 2 weeks before all hell breaks loose in early November, I guess it’s time to start wading into the cesspool though.

I will be watching the debate tonight, so perhaps I’m not wading so much into the cesspool than diving in headfirst.  That’s if there is a debate. Trump has been whining about it all week and now that they have decided to cut the microphones for those who won’t stfu when it’s not their time to speak, I can see Trump doing something stupid like walking off, or going over and grabbing Joe’s microphone.  His base would love that.

Rudy Giuliani, who runs a security consulting firm, got caught on film with his hands down his pants in Borat’s new movie coming out tomorrow on Amazon Prime. Rudy says he was just tucking his shirt into his pants. And in his defense, who doesn’t thrust his shirt deep into one’s pants while lying down on a bed with a young woman hovering over you?

So Rudy likes tucking his shirt under his scrotum I guess?

Oh, America….

Oh, Amerikkka…

This is my favorite monologue of all time and this is wonderful!

The making of the Haunted Mansion Book Nook.  I can watch these videos all day.