Looks Like I Didn’t Miss Much From My News Embargo

Ok, I admit, I’m kinda curious about the Mr. Rogers talking point.

In other news, I filled out my ballot, put it in the local OFFICIAL ballot drop box at city hall, and it has been accepted according to the website. And yes, of course I voted for Biden.  Biden was not my first choice during the primary, nor my second or third, but compared to a pathological lying narcissist who was impeached in his first term, has said that white supremacists were very fine people, who has done everything in his power to make this pandemic far worse than it could have been by disregarding all of the science, who has fucked up everything possible, placed people in power not from their experience but their loyalty to himself, and makes every single thing about himself no matter how small of a slight, well, then Biden looks pretty damn good. Let’s just say, Biden, the only real competitor in this race, outclasses Trump in every single way possible and I’m pleased with my vote.