What They Do in the Shadows et Beurre: What I Learned Today – Tuesday, October 13

I stayed away from as much news as possible over the weekend. I’m not watching any of the sham hearing on that religious nut they are going to install on the Supreme Court despite their own rules that they wielded for Merrick Garland. At the moment I’m just trying to pace myself until November 3rd, after which I’ll either be completely inconsolable or see a spark of hope. Can you imagine waking up on a random day without having to deal with the narcissist in chief screaming for attention. And he’ll be screaming for attention no matter what happens, but if he is successfully kicked out of office, his wailing will be more easily ignored.

But, I did manage to find something new that probably most of you have heard about but it had slipped beneath my radar:

A little hurt that none of you mentioned this to me, but I forgive you.

Another thing I watched this weekend and enjoyed was the Spanish Netflix film, The Platform, which doesn’t even attempt to disguise the capitalist metaphor but still makes for a compelling film:

The California Republican Party has been placing fraudulent election ballot boxes around churches and schools. For the party that complains nonstop about election fraud, it seems that they really enjoy the frauding part. Hopefully there is some jail time for those responsible for this but I’ve given up hope.

A man attacked reporters doing a segment on masks. The man was so upset that he ended up knocking himself out:

The ASSailant got away before police arrived.

How traditional french butter is made in Brittany