What I Learned Today – Monday, October 5

It’s a rainy Monday morning after a shit storm of a news weekend. This post will probably be updated during the day but I have some pressing things to work on so posting this now.

When you thought that gassing protesters so that you could stand in front of a church with an upside-down bible was the worst photo-op in history,  well, he found another way to sink even lower:

So the Trump administration pushed the CDC to change their report on the effects of COVID-19 on children so that they could reopen schools. It’s really difficult not to write what I want to write about that man at the moment.

John Oliver on the upcoming election:

An interview with a young session guitarist in 1963 who was hoping that music would finance his art:

I’m posting this now but the day is young. Subscribe to the newsletter for any updates that may occur as all hell potentially breaks loose on an otherwise normal day:


Baghdad Barbie now has tested positive for coronavirus:

My god!: