The GOP’s Surprise Covid Party

Well, well, well.  It looks like the Republican’s ghoulish joy of replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg hit a bit of a snag when the event they held seemed to be such a superspreader event that they might as well have called it Coronapalooza.  Here’s the current count of high profile republicans or other dimwitted event attendees who have tested positive for COVID-19 so far.

Donald Trump
Melania Trump
Senator Mike Lee (R-UT)
Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC)
Senator Ron Johnson (R-WY)
Kellyanne Conway (R-Gaslight Junction)
Hope Hicks
Chris Christie
Ronna McDaniel (GOP Chair and niece of Pierre Delecto)
Bill Stiepen (Trump campaign manager)
Nick Luna (Trump’s body man. Imagine having that title on your CV)
President of Notre Dame

There are some conspiracies out there that this must have been some kind of biological warfare being played by Democrats because what could possibly be the chances of ALL OF THESE people coming down with covid when all they did was to congregate in close quarters (the event was outside and inside) without masks and hug each other with unbridled enthusiasm about the chance to put women in jail for having abortions and to take away healthcare from those without jobs.

Because we’re dealing with Trump, there is a lot of false information put out there by his various surrogates, but also because we’re dealing with Trump and his ilk, who are as inept as they are dishonest, his doctor inadvertently let the timing of his diagnosis slip stating on Saturday that it had been 72 hours since he had tested positive. He has since tried to walk it back but this time frame makes a lot of sense given that it usually takes a few days for symptoms to develop. It appears that he tested positive sometime on Wednesday which he attempted to hide while still attending campaign functions. By Thursday evening it appears that he became symptomatic, and tweeted that he had tested positive and would be quarantining. They clumsily released Hope Hicks’ results first implying that she gave it to him.  According to this Vanity Fair story, by Friday his temperature had skyrocketed and his symptoms became more severe. His medical team realized that he needed to be in a hospital. Trump himself started worrying that he was about to die.

Saturday morning after he had spent the night at the hospital was when there was the presser with the doctor who was vague outside of the time frame slip up. Mark Meadows went off record ON A LIVE FEED NO LESS, and admitted that it was a lot worse than what the doctors were saying. This pushed Trump into doing a few rushed pictures of how hard he was at work practicing his penmanship on a blank piece of paper somewhere inside Walter Reed.

What happens next?  Well, in a just world, those who were following Trump’s lead that Covid-19 was just the flu would start questioning this given that not only has their own personal Jim Jones become infected to the point that he has been hospitalized and it may be touch and go, but infection rates are rising alarmingly fast across the country. We are starting to close in on 8 million infected and 215,000 dead in a span of 8 months. If they had any sense at all, they would start taking it seriously.  But, sadly, if they had any sense at all they wouldn’t have put their hope in a business person who has gone bankrupt time and time again while losing so much money that he doesn’t even pay taxes. This won’t change their minds.

So now what when it comes to Trump and the election? The fact is that Trump has Covid-19, is obese, and 74 years old. His best case scenario is that he could be looking at a long recovery ahead. Will he still be in the hospital on election night? What happens if his condition deteriorates? We’re really in uncharted waters here. I’m sure Trump’s usual band of merry liars will be all over the cable news saying that lots of doctors are impressed with Trump’s stamina and his beautiful breathing with 150% oxygen saturation levels. I’m wondering if they are outfitting the White House with an emergency respirator just in case while they prop him up at the resolute desk to pretend that everything is normal.

I guess we’re going to have to wait and see what 2020 serves up next.