The Debate was a Shit Show: What I Learned Today – Wednesday, September 30

Yesterday’s debate… my god. There were no real highlights from it to post. Trump was a bull in a gyyyyyyyna shop, even turning on the moderator who meekly attempted to keep him to the rules that his camp had agreed upon. Chris Wallace did indeed do a poor job at moderating but I’m curious to see how the other moderators will try to keep Trump hemmed in. It seems that the only way to keep Trump from interrupting would be to cut his microphone but that won’t happen. But how bad did it get last night?  Welp:

The White House once again has overruled the CDC. This time on cruise ship bans. The CDC wanted to ban them until 2021 but the Trump Administration thinks that the floating petri dishes need to open up a lot sooner.

Disney is laying off 28,000 employees because of the pandemic.


Sarah Cooper has finally posted a new video.  I guess she’s been busy working on one of her new 47 shows she is developing:

I don’t want this job.  If you think the climb is bad, just wait: