Rostropovitch Discusses Bach´s 2nd Cello Suite Prelude

This video may not interest you unless you’re a cello geek (like me) or are really into classical music but it’s the great Rostropovitch talking about one of my favorite musical pieces. Everybody knows (or had heard) Bach’s prelude to the first cello suite in G. I think it’s a law that it has to be played at least once at every wedding. But the 2nd prelude is just so much deeper and more soulful. Granted, I’m a minor key kinda guy.

Question of the Day

We haven’t done one of these in a long time.  I really miss hearing your responses to my silly questions.

Since I just started to dig into my breakfast, what did you have for breakfast today?  Doesn’t matter what time you ate it. What was your first meal of the day.

Oatmeal for me. Simmered in some 2% milk with a teaspoon of brown sugar, golden raisins and sliced peaches.  So good.

Monkey Secrets and Dessert for Breakfast: What I Learned Today – Wednesday, September 9

I don’t eat breakfast anymore. I coincidentally started doing intermittent fasting around the beginning of the pandemic right before I started working from home. Prior to [gestures around at everything], I would usually make oatmeal at night and heat it up the next day when I got to the office and add a little dried fruit. Or if I needed a little extra oomph, I would visit the deli downstairs for an egg and english muffin sandwich. (I miss those little everyday things that we took for granted doing before all hell broke loose, like running into a deli without any cares besides what to order)

I start my days now between 7-8am, put on a pot of coffee, go to my desk and start looking at the news for the blog. I have to pull up a chair for Lola who likes to be by my side in the morning (I give her a few treats now and then. She is a fairly affectionate cat but bribery doesn’t hurt.) I do add a little cream to my coffee but no sugar (the addition of cream is controversial in IF circles. I really don’t care.) And that’s all I have until noon when I either make oatmeal with fruit or a soft boiled egg with an english muffin. So I guess I still have breakfast food, just at a time which most people would call lunch.

Johnny Harris (whose YouTube videos I am really enjoying lately) has made a couple videos about breakfasts.  In the first one, he take a look at why American breakfasts are almost indistinguishable from desserts:

In the second video, he starts making breakfasts from other parts of the world.

I always love taking something that you are so used to doing, and looking at it from a different angle.  I may give this a try.

England has banned gatherings of 6 of more people because guess what?  Yep. Covid is rising again. 3,000 new cases on Sunday. So like a slow day for Florida.

Researchers find that people who wear face masks become less sick if they do contract coronavirus.  So just wear the damn mask.

A lot of people have been saying that Bill Barr is using the Justice Dept as Trump’s personal legal staff.  Not sure why anybody would actually think something so cra…

Monkeys have secrets.  Amazing secrets. You better listen.

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