What I Learned Today – Tuesday, August 11

I woke up around 6:30am and thought I would get a head start on peeking on the net to see what’s happening.  And my wifi was slow so thought I would reboot my routers. And then couldn’t get internet back on for an hour.  Now I’m just annoyed. Also, it’s 9am and already my home is like a sauna.

Ron DeSantis continues to be the worst person in the world.  When asked about sending students back into covid-infested classrooms, his response is “nothing is risk-free in life.” Meanwhile, the cases of covid with children have increased 137% in the past month.

College football is probably cancelled but Trump is insisting that they do have a season so he can gloat about how EVERYTHING IS NORMAL AND IT MAGICALLY WENT AWAY as people continue to get infected and die or have complications which may be life long. Why anybody would listen to him at this point is just so beyond me.

Neck gaiters (I wasn’t sure what that was either, picture below) may actually help spread droplets and the coronavirus.  So just wear a regular damn mask.  And not one with a vent.

Biden is going to be announcing his VP pick sometime this week. Speculation is that the name will be leaked sometime today and the official word will come on Wednesday or Thursday. I will be waiting to hear who is running mate is before I decide on who I will vote on this November.  (LOL KIDDING.  Do you think there is anybody he could possibly pick who would make me NOT vote for the only candidate who has a chance against Trump? He could pick a 4 day old egg salad sandwich and I still would think that the sandwich would run the country better than Trump.  This isn’t even up for debate)

This guy has played a video game or two: