Let me preface this by saying that I don’t think there is a person that Biden could have chosen that would have made me reconsider not voting for him on November 3rd. Trump is the worst president of my lifetime, and most likely the worst president in the history of this country. Getting him out of office is paramount. That leaves one option; voting for Joe Biden.

Kamala Harris was one of my early favorites for president. Elizabeth Warren was my top pick and by the time the primary came to Massachusetts, Kamala had already dropped out of the race (and my vote for Warren got her to third place in her own state. How did that happen?) So needless to say, I’m quite pleased that Harris is back on the ticket. She’s a strong pick for VP. I haven’t seen her debate but I have seen her grill quite a few people in Senate committee hearings. She is tenacious and concise in her questions (tools she undoubtedly honed as a former prosecutor) and seeing her face off against the slow-witted misogynist Mike Pence will be a popcorn night for sure.

Harris being the VP, which really wasn’t unexpected, sent Trump’s campaign scurrying for some sort of angle to attack her and coming up fairly empty for the time being. Trump resorted to calling her a nasty woman, which is his default adjective for any woman whom he is threatened by. I’m guessing that Trump’s team was gearing up for Susan Rice to be selected which they could then have unloaded their usual anti-Clinton/Benghazi tropes on but now they may have to send Jared to Wikipedia to try to come up with a new line of attack for Harris.

There are avenues for criticism, such as her stint as an Attorney General for CA, although since the GOP loves to be tough on crime, I’m not sure if they’ll want to go there. That’s a bit too nuanced for today’s Republican party anyway so I expect their main attack will be on her ethnicity and gender as Trump starts questioning her parents’ immigration status. Will he start asking about her birth certificate? You know, the classics. Whatever you think is the low point that Trump will sink, he’ll find a way to tunnel under it.

I’m just glad that Biden made a choice that seems to be adding enthusiasm to his campaign.