What I Learned Today – Monday, July 27

Churches are still the best places to go if you really want to spread coronavirus. Wake up people. If there is a god, he fucking hates you. (but good news, there isn’t.)

Florida has now surpassed NY for Covid-19 cases. I feel like that was part of Florida’s plan though.

Covid-19 is starting to rise again in MA. We were one of the hardest hit states back in April and did a tremendous job of flattening the curve. And then summer happened. And people got bored. And tourists from other states came in.

Baseball season started and the Florida Marlins’ players immediately testing positive with at least 12 cases of coronavirus.

Good news!  Some Trump supporters are finally wearing masks into their local Walmarts.

Trump really does love his walls:

Trump’s National Security Advisor tested positive:

Ted Cruz is still a huge gaping hemorrhoid filled asshole.

Monday and Tuesday have heat advisories in my fair state of Massachusetts. Sure is gonna be a hot one today.

George Carlin always told it like it was and it still is: