What I Learned Today – Wednesday, July 22

Good morning Cynics.  Let’s see what’s going on in this world today.  I’m sure everything is fine?

The US had over 1,000 deaths yesterday for the first time since early June. We had 1,039 yesterday and 1,039 on June 2.  But open everything up wide open.  The school year is about to start!

California has over 400,000 covid cases.

Texas has reported a record number of covid hospitalizations.  A little less than 11,000 patients. And Florida also has a new record of covid patients admitted to hospitals.  DeSantis thinks all of this is good news.

The Republicans are now teaming up to attack Liz Cheney because she supported Fauci in a meeting. They can’t have one of their own actually pause to listen to a scientist now, can they?

Trump wished Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend and alleged co-sex trafficker of underage girls  “well” at yesterday’s “coronavirus briefing.”  WTF?

Jeff Bezos added 13 billion dollars to his fortune in a single day. He is close to having 200 billion dollars now.  Here’s a picture of my reaction whenever I hear about is wealth.

A woman records her progress with learning how to play guitar over four years:

Randy Rainbow’s latest: