Twitter Puts Warning Label on Trump’s Tweet for Glorifying Violence

Impeached whiny failed human that we call Trump goes full George Wallace and decides to amp up the terrible situation in Minneapolis and Twitter put another warning on one of his tweets:

Twitter says President Donald Trump has violated its rule against glorifying violence and has affixed a warning label to one of his tweets — the first time such action has been taken against the president’s account.

The social media platform is using what it calls a “public interest notice” to flag the president’s incendiary post about the protests and violence in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
This means the tweet will not be removed, but will be hidden behind a notice that says “this Tweet violated the Twitter Rules about glorifying violence. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain accessible.” Users can view it if they click past the notice.

The company’s move risked escalating tensions with the White House during an already tense week. Trump signed an executive order that purported to address “censorship” by Twitter and other social media companies, following Twitter’s earlier decision to affix fact-check type labels to two of his misleading posts about mail-in voting ballots.

The White House’s twitter account is just retweeting Trump’s personal account now (which he isn’t even supposed to be using if you remember that was a controversy 300 years ago in 2016) and now that tweet has a warning linked to it.