A CNN Crew was Arrested in Minneapolis

A different crew was not.  Guess which color the arrested reporter was?


State police detained CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez, his producer and his photojournalist shortly after 5 a.m. CT (6 a.m. ET) as Jimenez was reporting live from a street south of downtown, near where a police precinct was earlier set ablaze.
Jimenez could be seen holding his CNN badge while reporting, identifying himself as a reporter, and telling the officers the crew would move wherever officers needed them to. An officer gripped his arm as Jimenez talked, then put him in handcuffs.
“We can move back to where you like. We are live on the air here. … Put us back where you want us. We are getting out of your way — wherever you want us (we’ll) get out of your way,” Jimenez said to police before he was led away.

Here’s the official tweet from Minnesota’s State Patrol how it only took them an hour or so to figure out that they were really a CNN crew. It can be tricky because a lot of protesters carry tens of thousands of dollars worth of camera and audio equipment to blend in.