Man who called coronavirus ‘fake crisis’ gets infected, wife in critical condition

Fuck this guy. I hope he and his wife recovers but how many people did this moron pass the virus to because of his idiocy. I’ve spent the last two months holed up in my home limiting any possible human contact (I order groceries online and drive to Walmart where they put them in my trunk. That’s about the closest I have been to another human being besides Mrs. C) and it’s been all for nothing because geniuses like this guy thinks it’s a scam.

JUPITER, Fla. (WTVO) — A Florida man who worked as a rideshare driver and refused to wear a mask out of skepticism of the coronavirus pandemic has been hospitalized, along with his wife, who is now facing a serious threat from the disease.

Brian Hitchens said was a self-proclaimed COVID-19 skeptic about a month ago, WPTV reported.

“I thought it was maybe the government trying something, and it was kind of like they threw it out there to kinda distract us,” said Hitchens.

On Facebook, Hitchens said he believed the pandemic was “blown out of proportion” and said he was putting his faith in God.

“I’d get up in the morning and pray and trust in God for his protection, and I’d just leave it at that. There were all these masks and gloves. I thought it looks like a hysteria,” Hitchens explained.

Now, Hitchens and his wife are in the hospital after contracting the virus.

Trump Says He Takes Drug Against Covid-19. There’s No Proof It Works.

There’s also no proof that he has actually taken it. I call bullshit. Although as dangerous as this drug can be, I’m hoping he is taking it. It would be the perfect end to this time period for that moron to accidentally poison himself:

President Trump said he has been taking hydroxychloroquine, an unproven drug against Covid-19, as a preventive measure for a week and a half. The F.D.A. has warned that the drug can cause dangerous heart rhythm abnormalities in coronavirus patients.

Even Fox News warns their viewers not to follow President Shit for Brains example: