Elon Musk v public health: a timeline of the Tesla factory standoff

He’s done an amazing job as outing himself as a complete tool:

6 March

On the day that global confirmed cases of Covid-19 surpass 100,000, Musk declares on Twitter: “The coronavirus panic is dumb.” The tweet sets the tone for Musk’s approach toward the deadly pandemic, repeatedly downplaying the risk of the virus and opposing public health measures.

16 March

Six counties in the San Francisco Bay Area become the first locales in the US to order all non-essential businesses to close and require residents to shelter in place. Included in the coordinated public health order is Alameda county, home to Tesla’s only US car factory, in the city of Fremont.

Musk emails his employees to say that he plans to continue working, signaling that he does not plan to shut the factory.

On Twitter, Musk promotes chloroquine, an unproven treatment for Covid-19 that would become the darling of Fox News and Trump before being largely abandoned amid reports of dangerous cardiac side-effects.