The Dumbest Motherfucker on the Planet

The Atlantic Interviews Comedian Sarah Cooper

Sarah Cooper has been doing some ingenious impersonations of Trump on Twitter. You’ve probably seen this one:

In this interview with her in The Atlantic, she hits on the reason why these videos she are doing based on his speeches are going viral:

Cooper: The cool thing with TikTok is that people have already done their own takes on his audio, and I’ve noticed that people who try to impersonate Trump do the hair or the clothes or the facial expressions. But it isn’t as funny, for some reason. What I did was basically, What if I, Sarah Cooper, said these words? Like I really believe that this is a valid idea. I’m talking very honestly through this, so I wasn’t trying to imitate him at all.

Somebody [pointed out] that this is the emperor without his clothes, because when you see Trump, and he’s behind that podium with the presidential seal, and he has people nodding behind him, you might think that what he’s saying makes sense. But you take all of that away, and you have those words coming out of my mouth? It just brings to light even more how ridiculous it is.

Now, if only the media would view it through this lens before it’s too late. (I’m kidding, we’re well past the too late part.)

Trump: “I Leaned A Lot From Richard Nixon”

I wish he had learned the resign before being impeached part. I’m trying to limit how much I post about this pitiful excuse of a human being but when everything out of his mouth is more shocking than the last, it’s just difficult not to scream out WTF into the covid-19 filled void.

Every single damn day with this idiot.