Trump tells allies his wearing a mask would ‘send the wrong message’, make him look ridiculous

There you have it. He doesn’t care about saving any lives at all but just worried about his image.

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has been mask averse for weeks.

Within minutes of the CDC announcing its updated mask recommendations last month, the president said, “I don’t think that I’m going to be doing it.”

Trump has told advisers that he believes wearing one would “send the wrong message,” according to one administration and two campaign officials not authorized to publicly discuss private conversations.

The president said doing so would make it seem like he is preoccupied with health instead of focused on reopening the nation’s economy — which his aides believe is the key to his reelection chances in November.

Yeah, we would never want to see him looking ridiculous:

Man Has a Tantrum Because He Needs a Mask to Go into a Publix

I mean, I guess it’s nice he didn’t shoot anybody. He’s terrible at constitutional law though. Publix is a private business and it doesn’t need to put up with your bullshit.

Trump Taps Point Man to Remove Pentagon Officials Seen as Disloyal

There’s no way he’s going to leave peacefully if he gets voted out in November. He’s trying to put in some deep roots.

In another move aimed at consolidating control over policy and messaging, the Trump administration is sending a White House loyalist to serve in a key Defense Department policy role that officials are worried is aimed at weeding out civilians not loyal to the president, Foreign Policy has learned.

Michael Cutrone, who has been detailed as Vice President Mike Pence’s top national security aide for South Asia, is set to arrive at the Pentagon to serve in a behind-the-scenes role vetting Defense Department officials for loyalty to the president, according to two current administration officials.

Some officials fear that the arrival of Cutrone and other planned personnel moves at the Pentagon could undercut Defense Secretary Mark Esper as the White House has looked to put in place more defense officials loyal to the president, headlined by the reported pick of retired Army Brig. Gen. Anthony Tata as the agency’s top policy official, who caught President Donald Trump’s eye as a Fox News commentator.

“He is pushing to replace and remove civilians in OSD that are not aligned with the White House,” one current senior administration official told Foreign Policy of Cutrone’s plans to reshuffle officials in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. “Esper has no say in who the key people are going into senior positions.”

US shelves detailed guide to reopening country

That’s not an iceberg ahead, it’s just a delicious harmless scoop of vanilla ice cream. FULL SPEEED AHEAD!

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) — The Trump administration has shelved a document created by the nation’s top disease investigators with step-by-step advice to local authorities on how and when to reopen restaurants and other public places during the still-raging coronavirus outbreak.

The 17-page report by a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention team, titled “Guidance for Implementing the Opening Up America Again Framework,” was researched and written to help faith leaders, business owners, educators and state and local officials as they begin to reopen.

It was supposed to be published last Friday, but agency scientists were told the guidance “would never see the light of day,” according to a CDC official. The official was not authorized to talk to reporters and spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity.

Coronavirus survivors banned from joining the military

I mean, aren’t they projecting like 80% of the population will get this eventually? Won’t this just mean we’ll have an army of about 300 soldiers by 2023?

As the Defense Department negotiates its way through the coronavirus pandemic and its fallout, military entrance processing stations are working with new guidance when it comes to bringing COVID-19 survivors into the services.

A past COVID-19 diagnosis is a no-go for processing, according to a recently released MEPCOM memo circulating on Twitter.

“During the medical history interview or examination, a history of COVID-19, confirmed by either a laboratory test or a clinician diagnosis, is permanently disqualifying …” the memo reads.

And yes, it will probably be rescinded but what was the rationale behind this originally? Is there a really big problem with people with covid-19 antibodies that we haven’t been told about yet?