FL Unemployment Office Run by Florida Man. Guess How it’s Going?

Maybe stop electing morons to office? Just a wacky thought:

TAMPA, Fla. – Thousands of Floridians trying to file unemployment claims encountered another obstacle on Friday morning. Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity shut down its Connect online unemployment system and said it does not plan to bring back online until Monday.

The state’s new reemployment assistance program is still online, but only for new applicants.

Meanwhile, the state is sending conflicting signals regarding the governor’s executive order waiving work-search requirements for applicants.

The state notes it suspended the requirement to repeatedly check back in and continue to seek work during the pandemic in order to continue receiving benefits. However, FOX 13 viewers continue to send us screengrabs showing the state is still instructing applicants to adhere to those requirements.

Satter said the state currently does not have the ability to waive the requirements for the weekly $600 federal unemployment payments under the CARES Act.

The federal CARES Act requires states to distribute the payments based on existing state guidelines. Because the state had existing work-search requirements when the CARES Act was passed, the DeSantis administration has determined it has to keep the requirements in place, unless or until the federal government allows Florida to waive them.

Frustrated applicants have launched virtual protests as they wait for benefits.

The state says it is making progress in sending payments. However, the backlog of claims continues to grow as the number of new claims that come in with each passing day continues to exceed the number of claims the state is processing with each passing.

The state dashboard also shows the administration processed fewer claims each of the past two days.