Question of the Day

How are you doing?

I stopped going into work on March 10th. So I’ve been working from home for 6 weeks. I’ve pretty much stayed inside for the majority of that time and have taken social distancing extremely seriously. I did go to the supermarkets a bit more often earlier in March when it was still not quite clear how bad things were going to be and stocked up on most supplies. I haven’t stepped foot into an actual store now in about 3 to 4 weeks ago. I’ve lost count. I’ve been doing store pickups from Walmart lately which takes a while to get a scheduled time slot but it’s not impossible. My family has also abided by the lockdown orders (or suggestion? I don’t know what it means anymore)

Mrs C. is a flight attendant though. She has taken a short leave of absence so we have lost a source of income which is a pain but I’m still working from home so it’s not a disaster… yet. The stimulus check I probably won’t see until June or July (my direct deposit info wasn’t on file with the IRS so I need to wait) Another pain, but I’m a bit of a saver when it comes to money so we’re ok for the short term at least. How long this will go on though puts everybody except the wealthy on shaky footing.

Besides working from home, I’ve been practicing doing some sketching, binge watching Schitt’s Creek and Better Call Saul, playing my guitar more than I have in a few decades, and finding it difficult to read for some reason. Mrs. C has been doing a lot of baking. We found yeast and flour early on and have a good supply of it.

So we’re holding up ok. Cabin fever is getting to us a bit though. There’s only so much time you can spend in the house before it starts to eat away at you. But it’s for the greater good. Yes, we want everything to open up soon so we can go back to normal but also realize doing that prematurely would only set everybody back months and get a lot of people sick and killed.