GOP Governor Criticizes Trump for Encouraging State Protests Against Stay-at-Home Orders: ‘It Just Doesn’t Make Any Sense’

Yeah, there’s no logic to Trump. Anybody who still believes that Trump has anything left in his head besides his putrified ego and the overwhelming smell of Aderall vapors is lying to themselves or others. Gov. Hogan may want to question his own party as to why they keep letting Trump get away with everything.

Maryland’s Governor Larry Hogan questioned the logic of President Donald Trump encouraging demonstrations against stringent “stay-at-home” and “shelter-in-place” orders in several states, noting that the demonstrators were essentially protesting guidelines put forward by the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force.

Hogan, a Republican, faced a protest within his own state, as demonstrators drove cars, waved flags and honked their horns through Maryland’s capital Annapolis on Saturday. The protesters were calling for Hogan to reopen businesses and the economy, despite guidelines put forward by the Trump administration and a growing number of cases of the coronavirus nationwide.

“I don’t think it’s helpful to encourage demonstrations and encourage people to go against the president’s own policy,” the GOP governor said during an interview with CNN’s State of the Union Sunday. “For example, I mentioned earlier, the president’s policy says you can’t start to reopen under his plan until you have declining numbers for 14 days, which those [other] states [with protests] and my state do not have,” he explained.