Armed Militia Storm Michigan Capitol Building

What a country we have here:

Armed protesters entered the Michigan capitol Thursday while Democrats and Republicans debated extending Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s (D) emergency stay-at-home declaration.

The protesters had been removed from the building and the lawn a few hours after the protests surrounding the capitol began, the Clerk of the House’s office told TPM.

Sen. Dayna Polehanki (D) tweeted a picture from the Senate floor earlier on Thursday, saying that some of her colleagues had donned bulletproof vests.

Trump Boasts that the US Has the Most Corona Virus Infections in the World

‘I get the biggest death rates! Under Obama, the death rates were sad. But I have made our country number 1 again!’

(Reuters) – The United States has reported more than a million coronavirus infections only because of its testing, President Donald Trump said on Wednesday, hailing the effort as being “much better than any other country in the world”.

The Twitter comments came amid warnings from state public health officials that shortages of trained workers and materials have limited testing capacity.

“The only reason the U.S. has reported one million cases of coronavirus is that our testing is sooo much better than any other country in the world,” Trump said on Twitter.

“Other countries are way behind us in testing, and therefore show far fewer cases.”

Yes, he’s lying about our testing. You can tell he was lying though because he was talking:

Elon Musk is a Terrible Person Part 4,856

I never quite understood the adoration that this guy receives. He’s a billionaire, and like most billionaires, only cares about his wealth and ego.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is urging states across the country to put an end to lockdowns aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19.

In a series of tweets early Wednesday, Musk posted phrases like “FREE AMERICA NOW” and “Give people their freedom back” in response to the lockdowns, which have been in place throughout much of the country amid the pandemic.

As the global COVID-19 outbreak began to take hold in the United States last month, a number of governors issued stay-at-home orders requiring people to avoid unnecessary travel and large gatherings in an effort to mitigate the spread of the disease. Many states also ordered nonessential businesses to close up shop for a time as part of the directives.

Many of those orders are set to expire at the start of May as President Trump and other leaders look to boost the economy after several weeks of mass closures in much of the nation.

In one of his tweets on Wednesday, Musk cheered Texas after its governor, Republican Greg Abbott, said this week that his stay-at-home executive order would expire on Thursday.

This was Elon back in early March:

There were about 12 total death in the US when he tweeted that. There have been about 60,000 deaths since that tweet.

Dr. Birx Has Swallowed Trump’s Bleach Flavored Kool Aid

I wrote Birx off long ago when she claimed that Trump was reading all of the medical literature. It’s common knowledge now that the only way Trump even can listen to 30 seconds of his national security briefing is if the joint chiefs of staff do it by puppet show. He can’t even spell literature, he’s not reading anything. But her latest twisting of Trump’s insanity is that he was simply musing about a cure with the doctors. (Wait, he said it was sarcasm) Let’s give this to her and say she is being truthful (she isn’t). Do you think a public task force press briefing is the most responsible place to be workshopping an idea of injecting disinfectants into your body, or as the medical community calls it, suicide by Mr. Clean?

My sunny side guess is that Birx is trying to walk the tightrope of staying in Trump’s good graces and not get fired to be part of the greater good, but, what a cost this comes at. And all of this because Mitch McConnell wants his judges. What a country.