Florida Official Urges Blowing Hair Dryer Up Your Nose

Add this to the florida man stories:

Florida Okeechobee County Commissioner Bryant Culpepper (R) referenced a program he said he saw on One American News Network on how to combat the coronavirus, the Lake Okeechobee News reports.

Said Culpepper: “One of the things that was pointed out in this interview with one of the foremost doctors who has studied the coronavirus said that the nasal passages and the nasal membranes are the coolest part of the body. That’s why the virus tends to go there until it then becomes healthy enough to go into the lungs.”

He added: “This sound really goofy, and it did to me too, but it works. Once the temperature reaches 136 degrees Fahrenheit, the virus falls apart, it disintegrates. I said how would you get the temperature up to 136 degrees? The answer was you use a blow dryer. You hold a blow dryer up to your face and you inhale through your nose and it kills all the viruses in your nose.”

According to the World Health Organization website, hair dryers are not effective in killing the COVID-19 virus.

Stock futures drop 5% as investors await a stimulus agreement — Futures hit ‘limit down’

Tomorrow is gonna be fun:

U.S. stock futures plunged again on Sunday night as Wall Street waits on Washington to agree to an economic stimulus and rescue plan to combat the giant economic blow from the coronavirus outbreak.

Dow Jones Industrial Average futures fell more than 900 points, or 5%, to hit their “limit down” level. S&P 500 and Nasdaq-100 futures were also down around 5%. Downside limits to futures contracts are implemented to ensure orderly market behavior once trading hits a certain threshold. No trades below that level are allowed.

U.S. crude futures slid by more than 6%, adding to last week’s massive losses and adding to worries about more financial market pain on Monday.

Virtual Walks Around Cities in the Time of Quarantine

I’m a background video type of guy. When I’m at my computer, I usually like something I can glance at for a bit, just to give my working environment a sense of space or motion. Shows and movies are tricky though because I miss out on about 60% of the story. (Favorite movies or shows you have already watched come in handy for this)

But since I’ve been locked in the house now for about 11 days (with a few grocery runs and short drives just to get some sun, to cold too walk atm), I’ve needed something a little more. Youtube has a ton of videos of people just walking around busy cities, or small wilderness trails. I need to create a playlist for these. The only thing is that most of these walks are in crowded cities and my brain starts screaming “SOCIAL DISTANCING!!!!!” How quickly it has been trained.

Here’s one from around Paris:

Or Venice:

Or Beacon Hill in Boston while it’s raining:

Hobby Lobby Owner’s Wife Says God Wants Their Stores to Stay Open

Not sure why she didn’t ask him why he created the virus if she had him on the phone though.