The Dumbest Man in DC

I mean, I hate to bring up the whole Florida Man thing but….

Last Wednesday, Rep Matt Gaetz (R-FL) wore a gas mask on the floor of the House to ridicule funding efforts to combat the coronavirus. On Friday, one of his constituents died from the virus. And today it was learned that he may have contracted the virus himself with exposure at CPAC. And for good measure, Gaetz flew with Trump on Air Force One today, possibly (hopefully) exposing Trump to the virus.

This is after Gaetz made fun of the virus with this stunt:

Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz donned a gas mask on March 4 while he voted on a bill that would dedicate billions of dollars to combating coronavirus as concerns rise over the spread of the disease.
“Reviewing the coronavirus supplemental appropriation and preparing to go vote,” Gaetz tweeted with a picture of himself wearing a gas mask while looking at a piece of paper before the vote.