But Millennials Outnumber Boomers Nowwwwwww!!!

But guess which ones actually go out to vote.

I voted for Warren, and am happy about my vote. I knew she didn’t have much of a path but now she’s finished. She’ll stay in for another round of states but the reality is she finished third in her own state and the delegates aren’t going to be there for her.

We did learn that Bernie’s appeal just isn’t there. He’ll win a few more states and make this into a contest but the only way he could take this from Biden now would be for him to appeal to a wider audience than the Bernie Bros, and I just don’t think he has that in him. I’m thinking the popularity he found in 2016 may have been more due to a lot of people not liking Clinton and seeking an alternative than to Sanders really having a broad appeal. And she still beat him. Personally, I love a lot of Bernie’s message, just really not a fan of the messenger. (But if he does pull it off, yes, I’ll vote for him. How is this even a question.) As to his creepy cultish hardliners crying about the Democrats not giving him a chance….. well, you guys realize he isn’t a Democrat right? And I don’t think the DNC has to shut him out. Voters seem to be doing that job by themselves.

Bloomberg. Well, as I was writing the last paragraph, Bloomberg just suspended his campaign. He spent about half a billion dollars and the only thing he won was a territory that doesn’t vote in the presidential election. So, well played. His strategy of jumping in later reminds me of when Giuliani did something similar when he was running in 2008 and skipped all the primaries to concentrate on FL. Spectacularly bad gamble.

And as for Biden…..I’m trying to find some silver lining in having him as the eventual nominee. I’m really not excited to have him as a candidate. He’s 77 and looks about 82. I think he can beat Trump if he stays alive to November. But it’s a big concern. Who he picks as veep is going to be critical. A few good things though if Biden is the nominee is that we won’t be taking anybody out of the Senate (depending on his veep choice) when we are going to need every D (or I) possible to try to gain the majority. The other big point is Trump is scared to death of Biden. He’s so scared that he actually was impeached in an attempt to derail a Biden candidacy. Trump wanted to face off against the SOCIALIST. He’s been on Twitter all morning whining about it:

The flip side is now we’re going to hear Fox News go on and on about Hunter Biden for the spring, summer, and fall.

Buckle up.