Meet the man who created the fake presidential seal — a former Republican fed up with Trump


Charles Leazott hadn’t thought about the seal in months.

The 46-year-old graphic designer threw it together after the 2016 presidential election — it was one part joke, one part catharsis. He used to be a proud Republican. He voted for George W. Bush. Twice.

But Donald J. Trump’s GOP was no longer his party. So he created a mock presidential seal to prove his point.

He substituted the arrows in the eagle’s claw for a set of golf clubs — a nod to the new president’s favorite pastime. In the other set of talons, he swapped the olive branch for a wad of cash and replaced the United States’ Latin motto with a Spanish insult. Then, his coup de grace: a two-headed imperial bird lifted straight from the Russian coat of arms, an homage to the president’s checkered history with the adversarial country.

Elizabeth Warren on Impeaching Trump

THIS!!!!!!!!! This soooo much. Listen, the Senate won’t be up for it which is the excuse that a lot of Dems are giving for not going down this road. But, sometimes, just sometimes, you need to fight a battle that there is no way you can win. Because if you don’t put up resistance, you will lose much harder down the road. The Dems need to take steps to start impeachment as soon as possible. They won’t though.

Trump speaks before presidential seal doctored with symbols of Russia and golf

Sure, why not?

As Donald Trump addressed a rightwing crowd in Washington on Tuesday, the audience roared in support – but it was a doctored onscreen display that ultimately took center stage.

At a student summit hosted by the conservative group Turning Point USA, the president stood before what looks, to the casual observer, very much like the US presidential seal. A thorough examination by the Washington Post, however, revealed some odd tweaks to the image.

First, the eagle has not one but two heads – making it look a lot like Russia’s coat of arms. And instead of holding arrows, as the bird does in the US seal, it’s holding golf clubs.

In other words, a proud presidential symbol was apparently reworked to shame Trump over two of the biggest targets of anti-Trump criticism – Russian involvement in the 2016 election and excessive golfing – and it was displayed behind the president for all to see.


Turning Point USA aide fired after Trump appears in front of altered presidential seal