Cruise Ship Narrowly Miss Venice Passenger Dock During Violent Hail Storm

It’s a shame that these cruise ships haven’t been banned from Venice already. A different cruise ship did crash into a dock and another boat last month.

Footage has emerged showing a massive cruise liner narrowly avoiding crashing into a port in Venice during severe weather.

The Costa Deliziosa was filmed veering toward the bank of the Giardini della Biennal in the popular Italian tourist destination during heavy rain, strong winds and lightning.

The huge vessel was being pulled along the canal by other tug boats in order to straighten itself out, narrowly avoiding hitting the dock’s edge and other smaller boats near it.

During the clip, the Costa Deliziosa’s emergency siren can be heard blasting as it desperately swerves to avoid a collision.

Authorities have now launched an investigation into the incident.

Pino Musolino, president of the Port Authority System for the northern Adriatic Sea, said in a statement: “We reserve the right to start a timely check to see if the ship has received the necessary permits. We also intend to evaluate the adoption of any further measures to ensure that ship traffic takes place in complete safety for the city.”