2020 Democratic Candidates Ranking Chart By Someone Who is Only Casually Paying Attention

That someone is me btw. There are approximately 714 Democratic candidates running for prez. I’m going to rank the ones who I like here.

  1. Elizabeth Warren. She got off to a really shitty start. I hated the AOCesque instagram video of her drinking beer and whatever the hell else she was doing and the dna test was trying to fight Trump on his level which just doesn’t work. I wrote her off right out of the gate. Wonderful Senator. Awful candidate. But, the last few weeks, she seems to have found her footing. She isn’t trying to be anybody else but her right now and this is a wonderful thing.

  2. Kamala Harris. Another early favorite of mine who got off to a stronger start before Biden entered the race and the media tripped over themselves in their mad dash to cover him. But she’s always been a fairly strong candidate and seems to be gaining a little momentum (I have no poll numbers to back this claim, just from my casual glances over to that side to see what’s going on.)

  3. For the love of zeus, anybody else. Yeah, Warren and Harris are my two favorites, but I’m still voting for any other person they run against Trump even if I don’t like them (cough, cough, Biden, Bernie, Klobuchar) because a second term Trump will be a very ugly thing indeed.