You Should Flip Your Next Pot Pie Upside-Down

I need to try this immediately. Maybe I’ll wait until lunch.

Let’s dissect this approach. There are two problems with personal-sized pies. First, most frozen savory pot pies are circular, and sit on an aluminum shell. It can be annoying to cut the pie with your fork while it’s still in nested the aluminum: Instead of slicing it, you end up scooping it with your fork, creating an uneven ratio of crust to filling. Sometimes, the crust gets mushed into the filling instead of providing its sandwich-like protection.

This unfair filling-to-crust ratio leads to the second problem: the bite’s texture. When the filling overpowers the crust, it’s overly wet. If you’re getting just the crust on the bottom, it can be quite dry. The perfect bite happens when the creamy, savory filling is sandwiched between top and bottom crust.

Flipping the pie upside down solves all those problems. Once it’s out of the aluminum shell, the pie’s bottom crust becomes the top crust, making a flan-like shape. (Yes, you might need a plate instead of eating it right out of the aluminum pan, but have some respect for yourself, even if you’re having a frozen pot pie. You deserve it.)