Hot Wheels Xylophone

Let’s play musical cars, shall we? A total of 374 black-and-white ’65 Ford Mustangs hit some black-and-white xylophone keys to play the world’s first die-cast song…

…Yes this video is edited on the computer but it would’ve been difficult to film otherwise. Filmed with a Sony VG30H camcorder and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro 2019. Special thanks to Trevor for brainstorming and Justin for letting me disassemble his instrument (it’s back together now, don’t worry dude).


Moving my office tomorrow. Nothing but a million details to be taken care of. And we’re moving from Harvard Square, an area I have worked now for the past 15 years to downtown Boston. So talk about a change.

Blogging should pick up a bit over the next few weeks once things have settled a bit.

Pope Francis Compares Abortion to Hiring a ‘Hitman’

Wait, this is the douche that some people were trying to convince me was the “nice” pope?

(VATICAN CITY) — Pope Francis said Saturday that abortion can never be condoned, even when the fetus is gravely sick or likely to die, and urged doctors and priests to support families to carry such pregnancies to term.

Speaking to a Vatican-sponsored anti-abortion conference, Francis said the opposition to abortion isn’t a religious issue but a human one.

“Is it licit to throw away a life to resolve a problem?” he asked. “Is it licit to hire a hitman to resolve a problem?”

Francis denounced decisions to abort based on prenatal testing, saying a human being is “never incompatible with life.”

I Read the News Today, Oh Boy

I’ve been boycotting the news (kinda) since the Mueller report came out. Every time I peek to see what’s happening, it’s the same stuff. It’s some weird cycle of stupid at the moment.
1. Trump does something outrageous
2. The media forgets about yesterday’s outrageous thing he did and reports on this one.
3. Democrats subpoena someone in the Trump administration which is promptly ignored.
4. Democrats write strongly worded letter to Trump who doesn’t read anything anyway.
5. Media asks if Trump has gone too far this time.
Rinse, repeat.