How to Improve Your Life in One Easy Step

Stay off Twitter. If you don’t go near Twitter than you are already in a better spot than most.

Seriously, I’ve deleted Twitter from my phone and have stopped looking at it altogether. (Whatever I post to this blog automatically gets posted to Twitter and I’ll probably just leave it up for that reason.) There are too many ads now (of the clickbait variety), the algorithm that dictates which followers tweets you see in what chronological order is completely wacky and everything boils down to Trump. Life is too short for that. And now, you have the added benefit of people of the same political ideologies fighting about which candidate is best to take on Trump for 2020. Hard pass.

(I’m skipping the 2020 battle royale for the moment. It’s way too early for me to give a shit. And, I’ll take any of them at the end of the day over the most corrupt piece of lying shit we have ever had in government who will surely get us all killed)

If you want to make life even better, stop paying attention to the 24 hour news stations. They are terrible. And they all love Trump for being a ratings machine.

For my part, I’ve stopped political blogging mostly. And none of it matters. The GOP will protect Trump no matter what at this point.

A perfect example. Lola here is not watching CNN or looking at her Twitter timeline: