White Students in MAGA Hats Harass Native Americans at the Indigenous Peoples March

These adolescent MAGAts are living up to their deplorable reputation by mocking Native Americans who were marching. Here’s some more context of the clip:

According to Vincent Schilling from Indian Country Today, the elder targeted in the video clip is Nathan Phillips, a Vietnam veteran and former director of the Native Youth Alliance. Phillips is a keeper of a sacred pipe, Schilling reports, and each year hosts a ceremony honoring Native American veterans at Arlington National Cemetery. The commemoration coincided Friday with the first annual Indigenous Peoples March, which was organized by a coalition of tribal councils, activists and youth leaders to raise awareness on issues facing their community, from police brutality to mental wellness to violence against women.

Turns out those kids are from a Catholic school. Which makes sense to me. The worst people I have met in life almost always hide behind a crucifix.