Question of the Day

How do you predict the Donald Trump Presidency end?

I think the Mueller report will come out and be absolutely devastating. The Dems will start the impeachment process only to have it falter in the Senate where the Republicans will try this weird balancing act of distancing themselves from Trump without trying to completely turn on him. I don’t see Trump throwing in the towel. Considering he refuses to take defeat graciously, I expect him to still think he can win in 2020, where the GOP will have to decide if they are going to try to run someone against him for the primaries.

For fantasy purposes, I’d like to see the Mueller read his report live with out starting out with, at this moment, Federal agents have surrounded the White House and are taking the President into custody….

Journalists Arrested for Inserting Salt Bae Into the Last Supper

I’ll never stop hating religious zealots:

On Saturday, Jordan’s Al Wakeel News website published an altered image of the Last Supper depicting living meme Salt Bae performing his signature move over Jesus’s shoulder. It’s a funny image (and a smart joke about internet obsession), but it did not sit well with Jordan’s government. After the image reportedly caused controversy online, the image was deemed offensive to Christians and the website’s publisher, Mohammed al-Wakeel, and an editor, were accused of inciting sectarian strife.

Wakeel apologized and removed the “Salt Bae Supper” image following the controversy, saying it was a mistake made by an editor in training. The publisher was questioned by cyber-crimes officials, and both he and the editor were detained on December 10. The image could land them both in jail for between six months and three years. Today it was reported that bail was denied for Wakeel.