Police face off with Sentinelese tribe as they struggle to recover slain missionary’s body

I hate missionaries with a passion. I can’t even fathom the level of narcissism it takes to go to a different country to “educate” the native peoples. But this idiot really takes the cake. The tribe he was attempting proselytize has no immunity against any of his germs and he could have killed them all. In fact, we can’t even be sure they aren’t infected already.

Indian officers had a nervous long-distance face-off with the tribe who killed an American missionary, in their latest bid to locate his body on a remote island, police said.

The police team, who took a boat just off Indian-owned North Sentinel island on Saturday, spotted men from the Sentinelese tribe on the beach where John Allen Chau was last seen, the region’s police chief Dependra Pathak told AFP.

Using binoculars, officers — in a police boat about 400 metres from the shore — saw the men armed with bows and arrows, the weapons reportedly used by the isolated tribe to kill Mr Chau as he shouted Christian phrases at them.

“They stared at us and we were looking at them,” Mr Pathak said. The boat withdrew to avoid any chance of a confrontation.

Police are taking painstaking efforts to avoid any disruption to the Sentinelese — a pre-neolithic tribe whose island is off-limits to outsiders — as they seek Chau’s body.